Making An Employee Schedule

The employees that you hire or essential when trying to maintain your business. These people are what help bring in clients, deliver goods, and keep everything running smoothly. This requires that you schedule them in a way that make it easy for them to work as a team and to get the desired hours they need in order to provide for their families.

Trying to create an employee schedule is not always as easy as it would appear. The more employees you have the harder it is to make sure that everyone is being treated fairly and getting the right amount of hours. With the software it will be easier – but you still must know the best way to schedule them all.

First you need to create a list of everyone in your department or business. This is good because you will know how many people are working for you and can remove any files or names of people who no longer work with you. On another piece of paper create a list of the various work shifts available.

It is important to ask each employee what type of hours they want and what shift they would prefer. Make sure that you weigh the reasons they need these shifts. You might have to have one or more people give up their desired shift for someone else. Now it is time to divide the employees into the ‘full time’ and ‘part time’ groups. Each person should be categorized into these lists and under the accurate job title.

Make sure that when you do each schedule you set the necessary rules. People with longer shifts need to take the necessary breaks. In most cities and states this is regulated by the law. The shorter the work shift the lesser the breaks. Some might not even get one at all. Make sure that the employees understand all of these rules.