Quickbooks Time Tracker Attendance Software

This software is priced around $500. The Time Tracker software was designed to allow you to automate and analyze the employee schedules in an efficient manner. Use it to help avoid any double bookings and other vital mistakes that could cost you a great deal of money. Within seconds your schedule will be created.

The software is also designed to keep track of the number of sick days or vacation time that each employee has taken. It also will help you to know the compensation time and to analyze the activity from each person in the past. If you need help with payroll than look no further. They have the features to make this easy to set up every week.

Unlike most software, once your employees have put their information in the database it will always be remembered. It will have no trouble tracking invoices and processing payroll each week. You can even review and edit time online and have it downloaded to the program with the click of a button.

Employees can use the software to set up meetings, select e-mails, and make appointments. Everything will be saved to the program and any appointments you make will be saved to the Outlook calendar.

Any employees that have access to the online account can track the time they have worked and submit their hours. Any employees that have not turned in their timesheets will be sent an automatic e-mail to remind them.

The program is priced based on the amount of people that are using it. Below are a list of their monthly prices based on the amount of users.

  • 1 user - $10
  • 2-5 users - $25
  • 6-10 users - $50
  • 11-20 users - $75
  • 21-50 users - $100
  • 51-100 users - $150
  • 101-200 users - $200